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Optionally make the "check your email" modal async and unobtrusive
Optionally, the modal that pops up when logging in that says "Check your email..." could instead be contained in a div, styled differently, or suppressed entirely. For example, the loginWithMagicLink or Magic constructor could take a container in which to display the login modal. The use case here is that some apps may often want to provide an unobtrusive authentication experience, especially for account creation for new users. For example, I'd love to use Magic for my online indie game. I don't necessarily want to block the new player experience with a "Check your email..." modal, even when using guest mode. Instead, what I might prefer is something maximally non-intrusive, such as a little button that says "save your account," upon clicking that button, it pops up a modal asking for their email address. But, and this is the different part, after submitting their email address, the player can go back to playing. Later on, the player can access their inbox to verify their email, in which case the verification email mustn't expire in ten minutes. After verifying their email, the player should become automatically authenticated, in the original tab from which they triggered the auth email. In the context of guest mode, the active browser tab would transition from guest mode to authenticated mode at the time the player verified their email. If the active tab were closed at the time the player's email was verified, it may automatically become authenticated the next time the player opened it.